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An exclusive collaboration connecting two brands that believe in the power of fitness.

The dualities of contemporary living have triggered a fundamental shift in our wardrobes. The line between work and leisure has blurred, creating a desire to combine style and comfort in the clothes that we wear. 


LYLA enables you to be kitted for a yoga class without the need to change afterwards, and to carry on with your busy schedule. Dressing-up and dressing-down with LYLA athletic loungewear is seamless and playful - from home to street and day to night. LYLA allows you to elevate your look and simplify your life. 


Athletic loungewear made-to-measure in Italy.

Sold exclusively by FORFITSAKE Collective members.


LYLA's high-tech fabrics are designed with performance and fashion in mind. With cosmetic properties that benefit you all day long.




LYLA START is infused with copper which is antimicrobial, helps improve circulation and promotes the growth of collagen and elastin.


LYLA START copper-infused fabric helps reduce muscle soreness, promotes healing, improves the signs of ageing skin and reduces skin dryness.

Embrace Your Fitness Regimen

Silky, Lightweight Fabric




LYLA HOLD is a technically advanced bi-elastic, boasting both breathability and an efficient shape retention power.


LYLA HOLD is also a sustainable fabric made of ECONYL® - a regenerated nylon made entirely from ocean and landfill waste, such as industrial plastics, fabric scraps, and "ghost nets".

Designed For Versatility

Breathable Compression




LYLA PROTECT perfectly blends style and comfort. A breathable fashion fleece with a protective outer layer that helps prevent wind and rain from getting through. 

Oversized, yet carefully considered. With construction details that are more fashion-led than your average design.

Designed For On The Move

Cosy Performance Fleece


LYLA pieces are created to your exact measurements by our atelier in Italy, using just two photos. We don’t keep stock. We make each piece for you when you place an order.

Personalized Fit

LYLA is about showing up as you are and feeling confident in your own skin. Your clothes should fit and flatter YOU. Go from studio to street and feel great all day long!

Slow Fashion

Made-to-measure produces clothes in a more ethical way with less waste. Slow fashion advocates for manufacturing processes that respect people and the environment.


The ‘fast’ fashion industry has detrimental effects on the environment - from carbon emissions, to wasted products, to water and energy consumption.

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Amber Jean Rowan

Yoga Teacher | Model | Actress | Activist

"I truly feel like I have gotten to a place where I'm happy and comfortable in my own skin and genuinely love me for me."


As a teenager Amber was diagnosed with alopecia, an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its own hair follicles and causes hair loss. Born from a sense of isolation and a lack of representation, Amber created Hair Free, a web-based community and blog for others searching for alopecia answers. 


Amber is the face of FORFITSAKE. She inspires us, gives us courage, and reminds us it is OK to show up as we are.