Be a Better You

We fundamentally believe that fitness is the basis for mental and physical well-being. It gives you confidence, reduces anxiety, helps you manage stress, connects you to others, and unequivocally has long-term health benefits. 

We want to inspire you to be a better version of yourself. We want to connect you with world-class trainers and studios where you leave a class feeling a sense of achievement, feeling confident, feeling capable, feeling strong, and not just physically.


Beyond Athleisure

We created FORFITSAKE® to enable emerging ethical fashion brands to have a platform to sell their products. Working closely alongside these brands, we have developed a sustainable model by creating bespoke, made-to-order products that have the "perfect fit."

We believe in sustainable fashion. Fashion that is not only environmentally friendly but also delivers fair compensation and empowers the economic lives of local trainers and artisans.


Give Back

We can make this world a better place by doing our part. Our mission is to change an industry that prevents equal access based on wealth, gender, and other socio-economic factors. We believe that wellness, nutrition, and fitness should be accessible to all.  

We are working with community centers, fitness studios, trainers, restaurants, and brands to make an impact in their community; to provide greater access to health and wellness for those who otherwise might not have access.


Inspiring us to become better versions of ourselves.


FORFITSAKE exists as a company to be a catalyst for change in the fitness industry. Our initiatives address inequalities of physical activity at a local level, seeking to directly improve quality of life in a given community.


Learn more about the initiatives we support below.