Audrey Gordon


Laura Kosinski

Pilates Instructor

I’ve always been passionate about sports and personal development. In 2018, I created KYSKO (Know Your Self by Kosinski) to help others find their balance. What started as an extra-professional activity has become the first KYSKO boutique studio in 2020, offering Reformer Pilates classes tailored to your needs. Being passionate, positive, dynamic and consumer-focused are the core qualities of KYSKO’s team. My goal is to offer you a unique and dynamic place where you can (re)build your body and live your life fully.


FORFITSAKE's mission is to change an industry that prevents equal access based on wealth, gender, and other socio-economic factors. We believe that wellness, nutrition, and fitness should be accessible to all.  


Proceeds from all sales of LYLA support our give back initiative More than Fitness. Your purchase will directly support building equality in fitness at the grassroots level, promoting mental health, and increasing global participation in sport.

Learn more about our More Than Fitness program.



An exclusive collaboration connecting two brands that believe in the power of fitness.

LYLA athletic loungewear was created to inspire women on their fitness journey. To look great and feel confident no matter their size, shape or current level of fitness. 


LYLA moves effortlessly from studio to street simplifying your day and is made from technical fabrics that benefit you both inside and outside the gym.


We, FORFITSAKE, believe in the power of fitness to transform lives. This is why we have entered into an exclusive collaboration with LYLA. We want to connect you with athletic wear that inspires you to start your fitness journey, get back into your routine or just try a new class. 

Made To Measure in Italy

Sold exclusively by FORFITSAKE Collective members.

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Amber Jean Rowan

Yoga Teacher | Model | Activist

"I truly feel like I have gotten to a place where I'm happy and comfortable in my own skin and genuinely love me for me."


As a teenager, Amber was diagnosed with alopecia, an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its own hair follicles and causes hair loss. Born from a sense of isolation and a lack of representation, Amber created Hair Free, a web-based community and blog for others searching for alopecia answers. 


Amber is the face of FORFITSAKE. She inspires us, gives us courage, and reminds us it is OK to show up as we are.