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Zürich's Best Pilates Studios & Instructors

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Pilates is about bringing people together through movement while building strength, flexibility and balance. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of a group class to motivate you through the toughest workout. Train hard, spark up a conversation and schedule a post-Pilates coffee date or brunch with your new sweat buddies in Zürich. Friends, fun and feel-good fitness guaranteed!

Read on for FORFITSAKE’s picks of the best Pilates studios and instructors in Zürich.


Jennifer Winklhofer at My Body Toning

The Teacher

As women, we often don’t put ourselves first, and Jennifer’s goal is to change that. Having trained in both Switzerland and the United States, Jennifer’s My Body Toning is the perfect fitness and nutrition program for everyone who wants to get their body in shape and keep it that way.

The Classes

Jennifer offers a wide range of fitness, nutrition and wellbeing solutions, from bespoke one-to-one training to friendly small group courses in women’s boot camps, Pilates, EMS and Barre in Zurich and online. She specialises in pregnancy and post-natal Pilates, as well as pelvic floor and diastasis recti healing. As a mother, she knows how overwhelming the early weeks can feel, so new mums are always welcome to bring their babies to class.

Why We Love Jennifer

Jenny's individualised approach, motivation, warmth and good humour is inspiring!


April Jones at Pilatesworks

The Teacher

As a Californian who has made her home in Zurich, April teaches classic Pilates with a creative dancer’s approach and she’s always exploring new ideas to help her clients reach their goals. She’s also a proud founding member of the Swiss Pilates Association.

The Classes

Expats are always warmly welcome at April’s bright and spacious studio, Pilatesworks, fully equipped with a host of apparatus based on the blueprints of Joseph H. Pilates. Her lessons are uniquely designed to meet clients’ needs and goals. She’ll work with you to improve your strength, flexibility and balance, with an emphasis on the core muscles of the abdominals, pelvis and back.

Why We Love April

We’re in awe with April's extensive knowledge and experience, the solid community she builds with her clients and her zest for life, continual growth and exploring.


Jutta Fürst at Well Balanced

The Teacher

Jutta is an Austrian Pilates instructor and personal trainer with more than 30 years of experience in combining exercise, nutrition and relaxation in her fitness training.

The Classes

Jutta offers modifications in her Pilates and body toning classes to ensure that everybody feels comfortable. She’s passionate about developing good posture and increasing body awareness through Pilates. Nothing makes her happier than helping people get stronger, fitter and feel more confident in their bodies. Healthy body, happy soul!

Why We Love Jutta

We simply can’t get enough of Jutta's energy! You can’t help but smile and feel uplifted in her presence. Her humour, positivity and light-hearted way of seeing things is contagious.


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