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Best Yoga Studios in Geneva, Switzerland

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Whether you’re a yoga newbie or an experienced yogi looking to deepen and diversify your practice, tapping into Geneva’s yoga community is a great way to spark friendships and deepen your practise.

“Yoga” literally means “union”. The practise of yoga deepens our awareness of the mind-body connection and brings people of all ages and backgrounds together as we strive to understand the common connection that unites us. Here at FORFITSAKE®, we’ve stretched, lengthened, released and opened our hearts to bring you the best yoga studios and classes in Geneva.

Roll out your trusty mat, share your yoga journeys and create new connections off the mat. Namaste.


Studio SoHam

I am my breath, that’s who I am.

A central social hub in Geneva, Studio SoHam offers a vast array of workouts as well as co-working, shopping and eating across its two studios. The classes on offer between the two SoHam studios (situated a 5-minute walk from each other) include different styles of yoga, gymnastics mobility training, dance, martial arts, Pilates, TRX, massage, Shiatsu, physiotherapy, reflexology and nutrition in English and French.

In addition to hosting various special events and workshops throughout the year, Studio SoHam is available for hire for your own events. Think of it as a warm and welcoming one-stop space for all your fitness, wellness and lifestyle needs.


Yoga Lab

At Yoga Lab, everyone feels at home.

Situated in the heart of Plainpalais, Yoga Lab is the top yoga space in Geneva offering a variety of Vinyasa-based classes for all levels adapted to your needs. It is a true yoga speciality studio with highly knowledgeable and experienced teachers in a warm and caring atmosphere. Offered in French and English, the classes reflect each instructor’s strengths and passion and are scheduled across different times, so you can always find one that suits you!

In addition to studio classes, Yoga Lab offers advanced workshops, electroyoga sessions, outdoor classes, mountain trips and many other yoga-related activities. The studio room is beautiful and soothing with lovely lighting and an authentic feel.


Simply Yoga Life

Breathe. Move. Be.

At Simply Yoga Life, Mandy’s intimate home studio provides a supportive space and a friendly international community to start or continue your yoga journey. She offers intelligently sequenced Vinyasa, restorative yoga, mindful movement, beginners and lakeside and stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga classes for all ages, body types and fitness levels. Classes are taught in English and are available privately or in small groups of up to nine students. The warm and inviting basement studio is accessed directly and equipped with mats, props, a cloakroom and a bathroom. Parking is available on-site or nearby. And there is always time for tea and plenty of laughs after class!


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