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Eating Healthy in Geneva, Switzerland: Our Top Plant-Based Restaurants

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Switzerland—the land of decadent chocolate and cheese—boasts one of the highest life expectancies in the world. The secrets? An exceptional standard of living, a healthy work-life balance, an active lifestyle, fresh Alpine air, a mind-your-own-business mentality, and a love of eating locally, seasonally and sustainably.

In Geneva, the sustainable plant-based food movement is alive and well. The quaint Swiss city is buzzing with eco-conscious eateries and planet-positive partnerships between local farmers and innovative chefs. If you are what you eat, then let’s learn from the Swiss about eating healthier, living longer and taking better care of our environment. Below we share some of our favourite concept cafés and healthy restaurants in Geneva. Bon appétit!


Alive Cafe, healthy restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland
ALIVE is so much more than a cafe!

Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring. At ALIVE, they certainly know how to keep it fresh and interesting. A wellness centre, a raw vegan café, a cooking workshop and a superfood store in the heart of Geneva, it is a one-stop sanctuary for healthy living and mindful eating lovers. Everything is organic, vegan, seasonal, locally sourced and incredibly beautiful and colourful.

Settle in and recharge at the cosy café with an energy-boosting breakfast—we recommend the antioxidant-packed overnight oats with turmeric and blueberries paired with a cold-pressed green juice. Before you leave, pick up ALIVE’s homemade gluten-free bread and artisanal vegan cheese for a picnic lunch with friends at the park later. Embracing a plant-based diet is not a fad. It’s a way to live more sustainably. Go where you feel the most ALIVE!


Les Enfants Terribles

Les Enfantes Terribles, healthy restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland
A sleek interior design firm, a modern home décor shop, a creative workshop and an organic café/wine bar all in one!

Tucked in the backstreets of the Plainpalais district in a converted body shop, Les Enfants Terribles is one of those cool finds locals keep to themselves. A sleek interior design firm, a modern home décor shop, a creative workshop and an organic café/wine bar all in one. Stepping into this eclectic multi-functional concept store is truly an engaging experience for all five senses.

Inviting and homey, this designer oasis is a treasure trove of objets d'art, quirky vintage finds, chic Nordic furniture and stylish homeware. Come for the alluring atmosphere and Pinterest-worthy designs. Stay for the delicious homemade food, healthy juices, fine teas and local wines. Go slow, wander around, be inspired and make yourself at home.


Le Saïgonais

Le Saigones, healthy restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland
Plant-based Vietnamese Restaurant - need we say more?

At Le Saïgonais, Geneva’s first plant-based Vietnamese restaurant, the concept is simple: Authentic Vietnamese specialities with 100% vegan soy protein. Fresh herbs, aromatic spices, plenty of raw leafy greens, and cooking with water or broth instead of oils and fats—it’s easy to see why Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest (and most delicious) in the world.

Taking Vietnamese cuisine back to its roots, the family-owned restaurant serves up delightful vegetarian versions of firm favourites like phở bò (spiced “beef” noodle soup), bánh xèo (mushroom crêpe) and gỏi Cuốn (fresh summer rolls) with their house-made soy-based “meats''. Each ingredient is treated with respect and plays an important element in balancing the flavours, textures and nutritional values of the dish. It’s all about enjoying plant-based food in its purest state.


Be Kind Café

At BE KIND café you will be welcomed with a warm atmosphere and delicious home-made, plant-based food. Everything is made with local, biological, fresh and in-season products. What is not to love?


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