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More Than Fitness with Nazarena Gonzalez Russo

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

FORFITSAKE is very proud to be supporting Nazarena Gonzalez Russo in her inspiring project on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Good habits start young. And we want to give parents the opportunity, time and resources to start their kids off on the healthiest path and instil good habits during their formative years.

Partnering with Nazarena, we’ve designed a fortnightly program to support the health and wellbeing of both parents and children in Argentina. We call it More Than Fitness, and it comprises the following initiatives:

  • Yoga and mindfulness classes

  • Childcare and fun learning activities

  • Transport from surrounding villages

  • Take-home food supplies

Every two weeks, we invite mothers and their children to come to Nazarena’s yoga shala. While the mothers take a little time to practice self-care through yoga and meditation with Nazarena, their children participate in educational enrichment activities and have fun just being kids. After the class, mothers and children are reunited and bond over teas and cakes. And finally, they go home with enough basic food supplies to feed their entire family for the week. Mind, body and soul nourished!

Thank you, Nazarena, for helping FORFITSAKE progress in our mission to make physical fitness and wellbeing a priority for everybody. Health is not a luxury. It’s a necessity!

Read more about Nazarena's story below.

Nazarena’s Story

“I teach my students to understand their body and to love it without judgement. My philosophy is to generate tools for daily self-practice so that when we open our eyes in the morning, we can smile and be grateful for the opportunity to live one more day on this planet. The present is the only thing we have.”

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, FORFITSAKE’s founding trainer Nazarena Gonzalez Russo strongly believes in the importance of yoga and meditation for our mental and physical wellbeing. Since the age of 15, Nazarena has dedicated her life to teaching yoga in a natural environment and making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic status.

Argentina has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Realising her lifelong dream of creating a space to share the benefits of yoga and help her local community, Nazarena has built a beautiful eco yoga shala in Buenos Aires. This healing space serves as the perfect host for FORFITSAKE’s community outreach classes, enabling us to reach more people and make a positive impact on their lives.


If you want to connect with other fitness professionals who are dedicated to giving back to their community: Check out our curated network of English-speaking trainers and fitness studios.

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