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Healthy Bites In Bern

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

When walking around the old town, Bern holds a medieval atmosphere. It is a mix of discovering hidden alleys and small streets with a feeling of travelling in time whilst intertwined with modern life. It is not only the Swiss capital but also one of Switzerland’s UNESCO World Heritage sites.

That’s a lot of tradition, right? Well, but Bern is way more than that. The city has a young and lively scene, it wouldn’t be any different when it comes to food. So, let’s talk about something also very important: making our tummies happy!



Tibits - Healthy Restaurants Bern

If you’re new in Switzerland, you need to be introduced to Tibits. A plant-based restaurant with a variety of yummy options for every taste. The restaurant has a buffet self-service form which they call the “food boat” and you pay by weight. Fresh seasonal dishes and high-quality food with salad options, main dishes that will make you update your comfort food list. Apart from that, they also have a cafe on-site where you can get elaborated drinks such as the Vanille Matcha Latte or a Ginger Lemon Punch on the side of a delicious chocolate muffin.

It is a very relaxed place, and it holds a welcoming atmosphere, don’t find it strange if you catch yourself there more than once a week. Even if just for a coffee. Brunch on weekends is also a nice call, the menu changes a bit from the daily breakfast already offered but no doubt it’s as heavenly as.

Luckily, Bern has two TIBITS locations one at the main station on the third floor and the other at Gurtengasse, 3.


3 Dosha

3 Dosha - Healthy Restaurants Bern

If you’re interested in Ayurveda there is no way you can miss 3Dosha. Going on the same plant-based focus, the restaurant has very tasty food for the body, mind and soul. At lunchtime, you will have the option of 3 different vegetable dishes, 2 side dishes, dhal, papadam and chutneys. The difference here is that you pay a fixed price for the dish and serve yourself one time as much as you wish. Included in the price you can choose between a warm ginger water or a cold rose water.

For dinner, the offer is a bit more generous for on-site eating, but the restaurant offers takeaway options. 3 Dosha has also a café with yummy ayurvedic delicacies. The carrot muffin with spices is simply to die for.

There are 2 locations in Bern, one at Moserstrasse, 25 with a nice outdoor seat. The other is inside Die Quelle (Museumstrasse, 10), a holistic centre with a variety of courses and workshops related to spirituality.



Falafingo - Healthy Restaurants Bern

Located in the lively and young Lorraine, Falafingo does not disappoint in its vicinity. The lovingly furnished kiosk gives a warm feeling and the owners Marion and Emrah make sure every guest will be happy with their homemade Anatolian specialities.

As soon as you arrive you will notice the beautiful and colourful dishes on your neighbours’ tables. Ask the owners for their suggestions and they will happily tell you all about it.

Çay tea will be served to you but the typical Turkish coffee should of course not be missing.

There are vegan, vegetarian and meat options, all of them prepared with a lot of love. Their breakfast/brunch is not to miss, and they are also open for lunch and dinner.

Get ready to be overwhelmed and expect many delicacies.


Vo Zaugg Biohof

Vo Zaugg Biohof - Healthy Restaurants Bern

This is not a restaurant but a small farmer’s van from a local producer that sells organic veggies, milk, yoghurt, jams, cheeses, bread and other specialities. They are super friendly and will lovingly help you to get the best from each season.

Get the Gemüse Bouillon, as soon as you start cooking with it a whole universe opens. It is SPECIAL. Forget about the veggie broth tablets, this is your new necessary ingredient in your kitchen! And if you’re a yoghurt fan don’t miss the Frucht Jogurt.

Take a look at their website to see their locations, dates and time. You will notice their passion and devotion to what they do. It’s inspiring!



Hungry but on the run and looking for something healthy? Try Dean&David! At Dean&David they strive to make real change for a better future, with food and drinks that not only taste great but feel great too!


Looking for a healthy bite in Geneva? Check out our favourites here!


Friendly notice: We strive to be as accurate as possible with our FITCITY Guides. But in these uncertain times, we strongly advise that you contact the venues directly for operating hours and COVID-19 updates.

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