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Our Favorite Fitness Classes In Zug

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

From energy to environment, there is something magical about a group workout. Some days the average gym workout simply doesn’t inspire. So we’ve gathered the best places to fulfil your bootcamp and fitness cravings. You will find nothing but passion, enthusiasm and energy at our five Zug fitness favourites!


Gemma Needham, Journey Fitness

RunCamp & Personal Training

Gemma is ready to help you get fit. Join one of her most popular classes, “Bootcamp with a

Twist”, known as RunCamp, for a killer workout where you get more than just your average run. This class has you running as a group for 5-7 km taking stops to do mini-sets of focused

strength or cardio.

If you love this running-inspired bootcamp style, she also offers the Intervals Training Running

Class. For a more traditional bootcamp option, Gemma has online HIIT classes and Kids

Fitness Camps. She also offers a “Health & Fitness Reboot” to help get you back on track.

As a personal trainer, Gemma believes in making fitness fun and accessible to all levels. She

wants to show people that they can reach beyond what they think they are capable of. After one of Gemma’s classes, she will have you feeling strong and empowered and looking forward to the next session!

Newcomers are welcome here as Gemma personally speaks with each person before their first class about injuries or further concerns. She introduces them to everyone in the group, making it easy to feel welcome in the new environment. To further build a sense of community, Gemma maintains a WhatsApp group for the in-person classes and a Facebook Group for the online classes and Reboot Challenges to stay motivated and connected.


Henlu Van Der Westhuizen, HenluPT

Fitness Bootcamps, Pilates, Boxing in Zug, Zurich & Saüliamt

Henlu is a coach with a big personality. You can count on him to quickly make you forget how

hard you’re working with his 20 years of professional experience and enthusiasm. Passionate

about results, hard work and having fun, he was a favourite PT for over 10 years in London.

Driven by the belief that you only have one body and you only live once, Henlu believes we

should make the most of it! He considers exercise the key to improving overall wellness,

physique, metabolism and energy levels.

Henlu says that he focuses on building a positive relationship with each client, treating them

with respect and providing the highest quality of service. This comes naturally to him from his

love of working for people.

HenluPT’s Bootcamp is a fun environment where everyone trains at their own level. He’s able to skillfully train a group of diverse levels at the same time and incorporates all types of exercise to ensure the best experience for his clients. All of Henlu’s training is either private or outside. This doesn’t stop him from building a community of clients through hosting special events and get-togethers.


Anina Back, ARB Fitness

Personal Training, Small Group Training, Outdoor Bootcamps

ARB Fitness is a top fitness studio offering personal and group training, both with maximum

individualization. At ARB, the journey begins with an initial evaluation with various

measurements and tests including a health questionnaire, mobility check, and fat measurement to supplement your information with objective fitness data. From here, tips and planning begin as they then create a personalised lifestyle optimisation and individual training plan - updated every 3-4 weeks.

Bootcamps at ARB Fitness are functional full-body workouts outdoors, as intensive small group training in the fresh air. Workouts include a variety of exercises including HIIT - high-intensity interval training, bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, resistance bands, battle ropes and the deceptively easy, yet incredibly beneficial TRX. All to keep the training fun and effective.

At ARB, health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well being. Using three pillars of training, nutrition, and recovery, the team will help you achieve your ultimate health goals. The familiar, personal studio welcomes everyone to join their happy, motivated team to sweat, laugh, and achieve goals together.


Marc Sonderegger, Personal Workout Gym

Bootcamp, Small Group Training, Personal Training

Marc not only has all-around bootcamp classes - but he is also ready to give your health a total makeover. He and his team specialize in holistic body recomposition: shedding fat and building strength. In a single package for their “90-day challenge”, the team builds clients customized training plans, nutrition, recovery and lifestyle guidance. Together, the team helps you set and achieve goals with 24/7 support from the Personal Workout team.

The beloved “hardest30'' is their acclaimed bootcamp class challenging you with the toughest

30 minutes of HIIT training you can get in a rotating set of all-around exercises. You can even

track your data and gamify it if you’d like!

Everyone receives a free initial meeting to discuss which path suits them best. Personal

Workout is a private gym but feels like a big family - but with lots of amenities. They aim to

connect like-minded people and draw them together for semi-private group training as well as

special events. After bootcamps, you can find members sitting together, chatting, and even

going for coffee.


Velocity Zug

Indoor Cycling

Velocity is an indoor cycling and strength training studio located in both Zug and Zürich. Offering a 360-degree experience through varied workout concepts and an exciting atmosphere, Velocity delivers energy, excitement and an intense workout every time.

Velocity offers four main fitness classes: Outdoor Rides, Velobeat, Veloburn, and Power.

The Outdoor Rides are concentrated on HIIT and strength, fused with fresh air. Indoor

cycling and Xformer machines drive the other options, giving you a variety to choose from every week.

The team at Velocity credits fitness to creating an overall happier and healthier lifestyle. They

aim to reach people with a fresh gym concept, allowing people to flexibly schedule

highly effective mind-body workouts into their busy lifestyles. The music-powered workouts

intend to inspire and help free your mind while working to the best version of yourself.

The supportive environment welcomes individuals of every background. Velocity prides

itself on having a diverse group of personalities and cultures. The community is built

around this compelling atmosphere as they work together to push limits.


Here at FORFITSAKE®, we are here to help you live your best life and connect with a community of like-minded fitness friends. Find the best English-speaking gyms, studios & trainers in Switzerland!


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