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Redefining Sport-Fashion With a Copper-Appeal

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

LY-LA’s first capsule collection START is an innovative approach to luxury performance sport-fashion, featuring high-tech copper-embedded fabric that offers healing benefits, transforming your body without compromising style, fit or design.

The Creative Team coined the first collection 'START' to celebrate the birth of the LY-LA brand and the beginning – or return, to your fitness regimen as studios are now open.

Keeping with LY-LA’s ethos – to create a lifestyle brand that dares you to live your best life – START speaks to how the modern woman is dressing now, from the studio to the street, effortlessly and with ease, requiring utility and adaptability that supports a busy lifestyle.

START goes one step further, pushing the boundaries for high-performance luxury athleticwear. With its copper-infused fabric that is antimicrobial, the more you wear START, the greater the healing benefits to your body – improving circulation and promoting the growth of collagen and elastin in your skin, providing for a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

The fabric benefits to your body post-workout, or as you wear throughout the day when you’re on-the-go are revolutionary, reducing muscle soreness and improving the signs of ageing skin, restoring the body to its most optimal state, without losing attention to high-quality performance and design.

The Research

Clinical studies show that the use of textile products, embedded with microscopic copper oxide particles, improves the well-being of the skin. These include studies showing a) cure of athlete’s foot infections, b) improvement in skin elasticity c) reduction of facial fine lines and wrinkles, and d) enhancement of wound healing.

With age, the skin undergoes vast changes, becoming wrinkled, losing its firmness, elasticity, tone, texture, thickness, flexibility and moisture content. Skin ageing is attributed to several factors. These include alterations in the dermal extracellular matrix (ECM) made up mainly of collagen (which provides strength and structure for the skin) and elastin (which provides elasticity and resilience in the skin) fibres.

Current consumer and health-related products on the market made using copper-embedded technology with studies that have found to exert positive effects on the skin include pillowcases that reduce wrinkles, wound dressings that reduce wound contamination, and enhance wound repair, and socks for the prevention and treatment of fungal infections.

The conclusion is that copper is an essential mineral that plays a key role in many physiological and metabolic processes, including skin generation. Copper has also potent wide-spectrum anti-microbial properties. The combination of these two distinct properties of copper makes copper an attractive active material for the improvement of skin well-being.

Copper Infused vs Copper Embedded

The studies referenced above are based on copper-embedded fabric applications. Not copper infused.

In a copper-infused fabric (which are prolific in the market), the copper is dissolved into a liquid form and introduced to the fabric which results in the copper washing out quickly.

Proprietary technology now exists, via which copper oxide particles are embedded in carriers, such as nylon fabric. Meaning that the efficacy of the product will not diminish with wear or washing

LY-LA START is a copper-embedded fabric, not copper-infused.

The Collection

This 3-piece capsule is comprised of a Cropped Top, High-Waisted Leggings, and a Vest Suit that are thoughtfully designed to accentuate your most flattering features, available in classic Black and bright Magenta. Mix-and-match or pair the capsule with your favourite wardrobe staples for an elevated-yet-functional look.

Cropped Top

LYLA START Cropped Top

High-Waisted Leggings


Vest Suit (One Piece)


LY-LA’s START collection is available for purchase exclusively in studio through FORFITSAKE Collective Members or at

(RE) START your fitness regimen with LY-LA and transform into the best version of you!


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