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Shopping in Geneva: Supporting Sustainable And Ethical Local Brands

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

These Local Artisans Are Doing Some Amazing Things!

Sustainable & Ethical Shopping in Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland has always been known as a hub for art, design and craftsmanship. But in Geneva, among the luxury watches, designer labels and hip boutiques, there is a shift of consciousness in the way people live, shop and consume.

Driven by rising consumer concern over authenticity, wellness and environmentalism, Swiss designers and brands are reshaping the industry, winning the hearts and minds of mindful shoppers with their innovative design and stylish products that are made ethically, locally and sustainably.

This is our hand-picked list of the best slow fashion brands and eco-friendly concept stores in Geneva. Shop with a clear conscience. Rest assured that you are supporting local talents while embracing a sustainable lifestyle.


Eco Luxury Concept Boutique featuring female owned Swiss brands in Geneva.
Eco Luxury Concept Boutique featuring female owned Swiss brands.

Nestled in Geneva’s diverse and vibrant Paquis district, La Collective defines itself as an eco-luxury concept boutique featuring female-owned Swiss brands. The fittingly named store is home to chic clothes, accessories and homewares from select brands and designers who share a common value: Putting sustainability at the heart of what they do.

Here you can find brands such as:

  • Tallis transforms reclaimed materials such as cashmere, fish leather and sheepskin into stylish zero-waste knitwear, accessories and homewares designed to last a lifetime.

  • Rue Vautier’s creator Naomi Walsky designs elegant and luxurious prêt-à-porter and bridal wear, ethically handmade in limited quantities in Switzerland.

  • Atelier 1202 is an eco-luxury Swiss-designed lingerie and swimwear brand produced in Brazil using biodegradable materials under eco-friendly and fair working conditions.

  • Forêt Bleue offers natural, eco-responsible and gender-neutral cosmetics handmade in Geneva.

  • CALIQ by Claudia Cichon fuses the scents of east and west in her Swiss-made collection of sustainable, eco-luxury home fragrances and hand-poured coconut wax candles.


Sustainable & Ethical Shopping in Geneva, Switzerland
A change from classic cosmetics. Archipel is there to simplify the unisex skincare routine.

Archipel’s Swiss-French founder Sarah Clozel is passionate about gorgeous scents and natural products. In her bright and charming shop in Geneva, she offers a selection of natural skincare and cosmetics from meticulously screened local beauty brands (all products must be made with more than 95% natural ingredients and cruelty-free).

From soaps and shampoos to creams and make-up, Archipel’s vegan, organic and unisex products are made with the well-being of men, women, babies and the planet in mind, using recyclable packaging to reduce waste. The idea is to help customers find the right natural beauty basics that they can share for everyday life, focusing on quality rather than quantity, and encouraging a simpler, more natural way of living.


Sustainable & Ethical Shopping in Geneva, Switzerland
Conscious living made easy!

Ecolabo is your one-stop multi-brand online shop for all things eco, ethical, stylish and Swiss. Founders Oriane and Victoria aim to share their love for creative, elegant and planet-friendly products and inspire sustainable living and mindful consumption. The spotlight is on Swiss artisans and brands who make natural and vegan products as well as practise slow and fair production conditions while empowering local communities.

Go slow and browse through a diverse and consciously curated collection of high-quality green goods ranging from unisex clothing and natural cosmetics to organic food and upcycled furniture. Ecolabo’s message is loud and clear: Let’s purchase with purpose.


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