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Shopping in Lausanne: Supporting Sustainable And Ethical Local Brands

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

When your desire for mindfulness and wellness extends into all aspects of your life, it is important to find fashion, home decor, and beauty labels that mirror your holistic aspirations. These are the brands and designers in Lausanne that will not only have you looking and feeling your best but actively promote the well-being of the planet.


Cocooing Biocosmetics - Sustainable Shopping Lausanne, Switzerland
Swiss made quality biocosmetics for your well-being.

Started in 2005 in Bavois, Switzerland Cocooning is a brand of lotions, soaps, and cosmetics that are natural, environmentally conscious, and cruelty-free. With only two retail locations, Cocooning is a small brand that cares about its clients’ personal needs and global ethics. Tucked away on the picturesque shopping street, Rue Grand-Saint-Jean, the Lausanne boutique’s clean aesthetic echoes the products it sells.

Their Elixir Vert, a bestselling product, is a hydrating oil with anti-ageing properties that goes on smoothly and smells beautifully fresh. The Little Cocooning line offers natural soaps, cremes, and oils for the littlest members of your family all crafted with natural and organic ingredients. The staff is extremely friendly and ready to share their expertise with you. Cocooning is the perfect place to shop for yourself and loved ones, providing an excellent range of products for the entire family.


Laboratoire - Sustainable Shopping Lausanne, Switzerland
Laboratoire offers clothes from contemporary Swiss creators working in an ethical and eco-responsible manner.

Laboratoire is not your ordinary clothing shop but rather a fashion experience. Walking into the shop which sits on Rue Mercerie in the centre of Lausanne, you feel as if you’ve stepped into a tactile museum. Vividly coloured clothing hangs from the walls with purpose. Laboratoire is not only a clothing boutique but a brand in and of itself founded in October 2000 by a team of innovative female designers.

The boutique offers clothing from its own brand while also featuring pieces from other local designers. Showcasing designers who work ethically and with ecology in mind is one of the main goals of Laboratoire. Just below the boutique sits the workshop where the Laboratoire brand comes to life. Clothing under the label is made from recycled clothing and materials punctuating the necessity to reuse and reimagine existing materials while creating cutting edge designs.


Les Gens

Les Gens - Sustainable Shopping Lausanne, Switzerland
A unique boutique offering a selection of young Swiss designers.

Les Gens is a non-profit association that has created an extraordinarily welcoming space where local artisans and designers can not only sell their unique designs but also teach workshops on everything from tailoring to jewellery making.

The boutique itself offers a wide range of artisanal products including stationery, ceramics, clothing, and accessories. It is a beautiful space that makes you feel comfortable and where the general feeling is one of community and liveliness. You can even sit and have a drink while striking up a conversation with one of the artisans featured in the boutique.

The products sold are ever-changing, generally one-of-a-kind and evoke the spirit of ecology and reclamation. Be prepared to spend at least an hour gazing around the wonders that Les Gens has to offer.


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