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The Best Healthy & Vegetarian Food In Zürich

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Trivia time. Did you know that the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the western world is right here in Zürich? Founded in 1898 under the name of Vegetaria, the restaurant now known as Hiltl is still going strong. Back then the meat-free idea was a pretty hard sell in the restaurant business, but fast forward 100+ years and it turns out those guys really were onto something.

From vegan bakeries to elegant tasting menus, here are our favourite Zürich venues for nutritious, planet-friendly food.


Coming Soon: Vietnamese Eatery

Barbara Wick - Shop local Zurich, Switzerland

No, that's the name Coming Soon. Unusual name, unusual-er menu! Vietnamese flavours meet fresh Swiss produce to create delicious original combinations like Ticino roasted corn tofu with sesame and chilli, or classic Swiss ‘Eglifilets’ with chard, sweet potato fries and yuzu-chilli-chutney. With both fish and meat (100% organic) dishes on the menu alongside vegetarian choices, it’s a great option when you’re with a mixed group. Located between HB and the Bäckeranlage park.


Hiltl: The Classic

Activewear - Shop local Zurich, Switzerland

Part of the Zürich gastronomic scene for over a century, Hiltl continues to charm with its legendary vegetarian spreads and ‘healthy indulgence’ approach to food. The buffet set up lets you pick and mix according to your appetite, or if you prefer to be served, book a table at the flagship Haus Hiltl.

We love the roof terrace high above Bahnhofstrasse for a girlfriend lunch, or lazy Sunday afternoons lakeside in Kilchberg.


Noshpots: Goodness To Go

Cervo Volante Shop local Zurich, Switzerland

Post-workout munchies? Not feeling the cooking love? How about picking up some ready-prepared healthy food right at your gym? Noshpots are single-serve salads, soups, main dishes and treats, freshly packed in glass jars and available at a string of gyms and sports centres across the city. No hassle, no waste and if you prefer delivery, that’s also no problem.


Tibits: Fresh, Seasonal, Simple

Green Lane - Beauty Store & Spa - Shop Local Zurich, Switzerland

You might have come across Tibits in other cities, but you should still check out this stalwart of the vegetarian scene. With over 40 fresh dishes every day, it’s reliably packed at lunchtimes, usually a lot quieter in the evenings. Always welcoming, whether you’re alone or with friends, even if you just want a coffee or a glass of wine.


Centrale Vegetale

Centrale vegetale is a bio shop that is against food waste. You can visit them for a home made fresh vegan meals with their vegetables and you have the possibility to buy food crates. You can order these crates with for a good price with vegetables that otherwise would go to waste!


Looking for a healthy bite in Bern? Check out our favourite places here!


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