Coeur de Pilates

Coeur de Pilates

Originally from Brazil, Aline Oppliguer believes she was born to take care of people, and if you’re looking for a gentle, holistic way to build strength, increase mental confidence and overcome back pain with Pilates then you couldn’t be in better hands. Her Coeur de Pilates studio is located 10 minutes from Geneva centre, offering group and private sessions, all individually tailored for a dynamic yet soothing workout. Choose classic Pilates or strength training and equip your body for all that life throws at it.

Stand taller, feel stronger and learn to let go.

Chemin Frank-Thomas 68

Geneva, Switzerland

+41 79 524 68 63

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Classes Offered

Group Mat, Reformer, Privates & Semi-Privates


Locker Room, Changing Room, Lounge Area, Retail Space, Close to public transportation


Free On-Site

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There is great restaurant called Cafe Dunia that does Thai food and has a nice summer terrace. It's just a 5min walk from the studio and a great spot to get a quick and healthy lunch! They make a delish ginger tea and serve wine if you are feeling naughty ;) Coeur de Pilates has visitor parking that is easy to access and free!

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6 Aug 2021

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