English Functional Training, Personal Trainer, Bootcamp, HIIT, Outdoor Classes in Zürich, Switzerland
Gold Coast Fitness

Gold Coast Fitness

Gold Coast Fitness is a meeting point for sports enthusiasts at Uetikon on the sunny side of Lake Zurich. The gym takes a holistic, results-driven approach, so you can pick your own combination of functional training, personalised programmes and nutrition advice to find your own path, fully supported by a team of friendly professionals. Modern equipment and a welcoming, collaborative environment makes for a very loyal clientele.

Bergstrasse 895

Uetikon, Switzerland

+41 799 221 045

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Classes Offered

Functional Fitness, Gymnastics, Mobility, HIIT, Weightlifting.


Locker Room, Changing Room, Shower, Hygiene Products, Hair Dryer, Lounge Area, Retail Space, Close to public transportation


Free Onsite

Insider Info

There are some beautiful forest walls just 5 mins from the gym for a relaxing cool down walk. Ask Dan or Tina and they will be able to tell you their favourites!

Why We Love Gold Coast Fitness

WOD with Dan

7 Jun 2021

Dan is great.. a highly knowledgeable trainer, really at the top of his game, always with a smile and words of encouragement. The workout was great - the perfect level of pushing yourself but being able to function the next day! Highly recommend if you want a fab workout, lovely instructor and well equipped space.


FORFITSAKE Trainers At This Location

English-speaking Personal Trainer, Zurich, Switzerland

Tina Kalkschmid

Personal Trainer

English-speaking Personal Trainer, Zurich, Switzerland

Daniel Condon

Personal Trainer