Celebrating a decade of satisfied clients in 2021, Pilateswerkstatt is a well-established studio in central Zug. Training one to one or in small groups, you'll improve your posture, coordination, breathing, concentration and endurance in a gentle way. The instructors also recognise the physical and mental effects of living in an increasingly virtual world, and will tailor training to help with headaches, backpain, stress or whatever you need to feel better and move easier every day.

Personalised Pilates training in a welcoming international environment

Bundesstrasse 6

Zug, Switzerland

+41 76 323 97 79

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Reformer and Wunda Chair Group Classes, Small Group Mat, Mat Fusion, Fascial Fitness, TRX, & Pre-/Postnatal Classes, Liebscher & Bracht Therapie


Changing Room, Shower, Hygiene Products, Hair Dryer, Towels, Cafe, Retail Space, Close to public transportation, Free WIFI for clients


Paid Onsite, Paid Offsite

Insider Info

Just around the corner from the PILATESWERKSTATT Zug is The Kurioz Bar & Kitchen. A neighbourhood bar in the centre of the city. They have a great tasting menu, friendly service, and use locally sourced produce. Definitely check it out!

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17 May 2021

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FORFITSAKE Trainers At This Location

English-speaking Pilates Instructor, Zug, Switzerland

Regula Nold

Pilates Instructor

English-speaking Pilates Instructor, Zug, Switzerland

Christine Hüsler

Pilates Instructor