Pilatesworks is a movement laboratory on the lake of Zürich. The studio provides a safe and secure atmosphere to explore movement is all of its many facets on a private, one-on-one basis. Owner and instructor April draws on her extensive experience of dance, Pilates and other movement modalities to tailor sessions around your individual needs. Clients include people with physical incapacity as well as dancers and athletes. Pilatesworks is also teacher training studio.

A movement laboratory to explore your body's potential.

Bahnhofstrasse 33

Zürich, Switzerland

+41 76 413 67 66

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Pilatesworks is a fully equipped studio, private lessons and mat classes are available


Changing Room, Hygiene Products, Towels, Close to public transportation, Free WIFI for clients


Free Offsite, Paid Offsite

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Just across the street is Nata Cafe. Where you can find amazing Pasteles de Nata, the famous Portuguese pastry. They also have great coffee and other delicious treats. A cosy cafe with a super friendly staff!

Why We Love Pilatesworks

Private Pilates with April

7 Jun 2021

April is just fab. Not only is she one of the most knowledgeable people I know, she is also a lovely lady. Attending a class with her really is a pleasure. If you are looking for focussed Pilates, really tailored to your body and needs, with the support of someone who really 'knows their stuff' then go and see April!


Class Attended

17 May 2021

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English-speaking Pilates Instructor, Zurich, Switzerland

April Jones

Pilates Instructor