RG Coaching works out of a wonderful well-equipped studio at the Hotel 46a in Vidy, Lausanne. Coach Romain holds a Masters in elite-level athletic training. Focusing on Functional Training and HIIT, he works with clients of all ages to create programmes that develops strength, speed, endurance, coordination and flexibility. You'll also feel the long-term benefits of better technique leading to stress reduction and improved overall performance. Outdoor sessions add variety as well as views!

Avenue de Rhodanie 46A

Lausanne, Switzerland

+41 78 858 81 64

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Personal training, functional training, boot camp, small group training, TRX, pre/post natal, nutrition


Locker Room, Changing Room, Shower, Hair Dryer, Cafe, Lounge Area, Close to public transportation, Free WIFI for clients


Free Onsite, Paid Offsite

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17 May 2021

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