English Rowing Classes in Lausanne, Switzerland


RowFit combines rowing intervals with physical exercises (body weights, reinforcement and core). This low impact workout is easy on the joints whilst providing a full-body workout. It is scientifically based with an emphasis on technique. A welcoming ambience, super motivating coaches, team spirit and a full-body workout are key to the experience. Classes are held at the Rowing Club of Lausanne & enjoy a magnificent view of Lac Léman.

Be ready to live this unique experience and row your way out of your comfort zone!

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Lausanne, Switzerland

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Shower, Changing Room


Parking Stade Pierre-de-Coubertin

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Leave time after your class to visit Casse Croute De Vidy, a lovely cafe offering local, organic products and specialty coffee. Situated next to RowFit with lovely and friendly staff.

Why We Love Row Fit

ROWFIT with Clarence

5 Apr 2021

I attended Row Fit, zoom edition with Clarence and thoroughly enjoyed it. Clarence leads the workout professionally and ensures that your form is correct, whilst also creating a warm and motivating ambience, even through the screen! I would highly recommend Row Fit for a workout that’s a bit different and I can’t wait to go in person and try it outside overlooking the lake!


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English-speaking Rowing Classes Lausanne, Switzerland

Clarence Perez-Diaz

RowFit Coach