Andrina Tisi



Languages Spoken:

English, German

Modern life is challenging, and when we’re overwhelmed by change, we can’t blossom and grow. My aim is to help you cultivate the tools to navigate these challenges and live your best life. I’m trained in Hatha, Kundalini and Yin yoga, and my friendly classes and 1-to-1 sessions are influenced by each of these distinctive styles. I’m also a certified integral life consultant, so beyond the mat I offer Life Curation and EFT to help you move towards your wider dreams and goals. All you need to succeed is an open mind.


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Yoga am Zürichberg

Mommsenstrasse 2

8044 Zürich, Switzerland

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Get To Know Andrina


What is your favourite place that your journeys have taken you to so far & why?

I lived in Vancouver for many years and the Pacific Northwest definitely has part of my heart. However I love to explore and get to know different cultures and I am always up for finding new places or reconnecting with old favourites. To me the beauty of a place lies mainly in its people, and I think multi-cultural environments are for me the most energising.

Why We Love Andrina

Lunch Yoga

2 June 2021

Andrina provided a great playlist of music and offered super clear instructions which made the class less about following and more about enjoying!