English-speaking Personal Trainer, Zurich, Switzerland

Diana Bertholmei

Functional Training, Cross Training and Weightlifting Coach


Languages Spoken:

English, German

I’m originally from Germany and have lived in Zürich for more than 10 years. I’m a straight-talking, honest people person, totally focused on getting you the fitness results you want. I run outdoor and indoor groups and private training sessions, and I especially like working with women aged 40+. I am a CrossFit L1 & L2 certified trainer, and I also hold Kettlebell L1 & L2 certifications.


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PLAY Warehouse Gym

Buckhauserstrasse 30

8048 Zürich, Switzerland

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When attending a class with one of our trainers, make sure you mention that you found out about them from FORFITSAKE®com. Also make sure you tell the trainer before class, that you speak English so that they can adjust the class accordingly! Reach out to the trainer directly for information about all of their training locations.

Get To Know Diana


What is your favorite place that your journeys have taken you to so far & why?

My greatest love is Southeast Asia. I first travelled there when I was 19 and spent some time living in Vietnam and Thailand. Bangkok is just the coolest city. The Thai islands are amazing too, and they have really developed as sports destinations in the past few years, especially for Crossfit. My ideal is always somewhere I can do my sports and be part of the community!

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Class Attended

14 April 2021

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