Fabian Marcograf

Mental Strength & Motivation Coaching


Languages Spoken:

English, German

As a former professional athlete, I understand how important individual needs are and that a customized solution is the most effective way to achieve your potential. Coach + client = the ultimate team, so I take time to explain the purpose and effects of each workout, which helps you visualise your goals. You choose the time, location and frequency, and I’ll build a personal training programme for you that gets results. Prefer a group vibe? Join me for high intensity indoor cycling and gym-based fitness classes in Zurich.


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Velocity ENGE

Gutenbergstrasse 1

8002 Zürich

When attending a class with one of our trainers, make sure you mention that you found out about them from FORFITSAKE®com. Also make sure you tell the trainer before class, that you speak English so that they can adjust the class accordingly! Reach out to the trainer directly for information about all of their training locations.

Get To Know Fabian


What is your favourite place that your journeys have taken you to so far & why?

Definitely New York City. There’s so much energy in the place, each new day feels like being launched in a rocket! Spending time here really changed my outlook on life. New York made me believe in myself and realise that I’m capable of so much more, and I try and channel that amazing NYC positivity into all my classes.

Why We Love Fabian

Power with Fabian

7 June 2021

I went to a lunchtime power class with Fabian at Velocity Enge and it was great. Fabian gives very detailed instructions, leaving you in no doubt as to what you need to be doing. The pace of the class is perfect - challenging whilst enjoyable. Great experience, thank you.


Class Attended

11 May 2021

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