Karl Straub

Yoga Teacher


Languages Spoken:

English, German

Born in North Carolina, USA, I have lived in Zürich since 2012. I was introduced to meditation around the age of 10 & in subsequent years was an athlete, competitive swimmer, dolphin communication researcher, & graduate of Duke University. In 2005 I wanted to dive deeper into yoga & meditation, so I sold or donated my belongings & set off with a backpack. This began an odyssey of 8 years of travelling, studying, & teaching in over 12 countries.


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Karl Straub Yoga Sanctuary

Zollikerstrasse 74

8008 Zürich, Switzerland

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Get To Know Karl


What is your favourite place that your journeys have taken you to so far & why?

Switzerland because I have discovered the joys of the mountains and the lakes and the lovely people where most of my students are. It's my home now and I never expected that I would live here but here I am - happy surprise!

Why We Love Karl

Sanctuary Flow with Karl

7 June 2021

I attended a Sunday evening Flow class with Karl at The Sanctuary. It was the most authentic and enjoyable yoga experience I've had in a long time. Candles show you the way from the entrance up to the studio space and there was a lovely lady who welcomed me and showed me where to put my things. The ambience is so calming and peaceful, it was a perfect way to relax after a busy weekend. Karl is a really fabulous instructor - the class was a pleasure from start to finish.


Class Attended

14 April 2021

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