English-speaking Personal Trainer, Zug, Switzerland

Marc Sonderegger

Personal Trainer


Languages Spoken:

German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

A life-long multi-sportsman passionate in strength training, street hockey and kitesurfing, I am fascinated by how humans are capable of extraordinary achievements when we put our mind and body into it. My background in sports sciences and biology and my holistic approach in physical training, nutrition and functional medicine have helped my clients stay fit, lose weight, build muscles and make healthy lifestyle changes. You can achieve anything you want and I’m here to help. My motto is “go hard or go home”.


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Langgasse 47c

6340 Baar, Switzerland

When attending a class with one of our trainers, make sure you mention that you found out about them from FORFITSAKE®com. Also make sure you tell the trainer before class, that you speak English so that they can adjust the class accordingly! Reach out to the trainer directly for information about all of their training locations.

Get To Know Marc


What is your favourite place that your journeys have taken you to so far & why?

Bonaire--a small island in the Caribbean. I’m a warm-weather kind of guy. I like the Caribbean flair where everything is a bit slower paced. The climate is tropical, the food is delicious and the ocean is protected. You can see dolphins! I enjoy kitesurfing and in Bonaire you can kitesurf ten months of the year. I’m an avid traveller and it’s important to remember how privileged we are.

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Class Attended

14 April 2021

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