Michel Esquier

Personal Trainer and Muai Thai Coach


Languages Spoken:

English, French, Spanish

Goals are important, and I’ll work with you to get the results you want, but I believe that exercise is key to the art of living well, so it’s not just about performance and PBs. Over the past 15 years I’ve learned a lot about the human body and tried a whole range of sports in different countries. I like to mix up all kinds of different elements so your sessions with me are always motivating, plus I tailor the training to address any specific issues you might be experiencing, such as chronic pain or posture problems.


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65, rue du 31 décembre

Geneva, Switzerland

When attending a class with one of our trainers, make sure you mention that you found out about them from FORFITSAKE®com. Also make sure you tell the trainer before class, that you speak English so that they can adjust the class accordingly! Reach out to the trainer directly for information about all of their training locations.

Get To Know Michel


What is your favourite place that your journeys have taken you to so far & why?

I spent some time in South America and the variety of landscapes and cultures is pretty incredible; from deserts to glacial fjords and just about everything in between. I learned Spanish here which allowed me to get a bit more of a local experience. Aside from the scenery, there’s a kind of mystical quality about South America that has stayed with me.

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