Nikolay Milev

Personalised Fitness Coach


Languages Spoken:

English, Bulgarian

My coaching strategy starts from the understanding that we’re all unique, so I’ll work with you to create a plan that matches your lifestyle, experience and goals. With 10 years of academic research into human metabolism, I take a scientific approach to exercise and nutrition that will boost your training and help you get results as efficiently and effectively as possible. Join me in my private studio in Lausanne and I’ll provide all the guidance and accountability you need, no matter how hectic your lifestyle.


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Deep Foundation Fitness

Rue de Genève 46, Lausanne 1004

1004 Lausanne, Switzerland

When attending a class with one of our trainers, make sure you mention that you found out about them from FORFITSAKE®com. Also make sure you tell the trainer before class, that you speak English so that they can adjust the class accordingly! Reach out to the trainer directly for information about all of their training locations.

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What is your favorite place that your journeys have taken you to so far & why?

The place that currently tops my list is Morocco. You don't often see such diverse landscapes in one place. Our trip started in the lively streets of Marrakech, went through the magnificent Atlas mountains, and took us all the way to the mystical Sahara desert. Along the way, we met incredibly welcoming people and were treated to some fantastic cuisine.

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14 April 2021

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