English Speaking Personal Trainer, Geneva Switzerland

Michel Esquier

Personal Trainer

With 15 years of scientific and practical sports experience, I teach HIIT sessions that will improve your day to day life.

English-speaking Personal Trainer, Zürich, Switzerland

Jérémie Perrenoud

Personal Trainer

HIIT, endurance bootcamp or relaxing massage? With 10 years’ experience, whatever your body needs, I got you!

English-speaking Personal Trainer, Zürich, Switzerland

Anina Back

Personal Trainer

If you want to reduce body fat, build muscle and improve your posture, come train with me at ARB Fitness in Zug, Cham or Baar.

English-speaking Spin Instructor, Zürich, Switzerland

Francesca Ruggeri

Spin Instructor 

I coach cycle classes and Xformer Pilates in Zug, helping clients to unleash their true strength and discover body confidence.

English-speaking Personal Trainer, Zürich, Switzerland

Fabian Marcograf

Fitness Trainer

Shoot for the moon! When you bring the commitment and I bring the knowledge, everything is possible.

English-speaking Fitness Coach, Zug, Switzerland

Henlu Van Der Westhuizen

Personal Trainer

My sessions incorporate dynamic body-weight exercises, weight training, HIIT and aspects of Pilates for a full body workout.