English-speaking Personal Trainer, Zürich, Switzerland

Fabian Marcograf

Fitness Trainer

Shoot for the moon! When you bring the commitment and I bring the knowledge, everything is possible.

English-speaking Rowing Classes Lausanne, Switzerland

Clarence Perez-Diaz

RowFit Coach

My goal is to help you maximise your fitness potential while enjoying a fun class. Row your way to fitness!

English-speaking Spin Instructor, Zürich, Switzerland

Leticia Mora

Spin Instructor

When life gets stuck and you feel mentally or physically overwhelmed, I can coach you towards positive lifestyle changes. 

English-speaking Spin Instructor, Zürich, Switzerland

Francesca Ruggeri

Spin Instructor 

I coach cycle classes and Xformer Pilates in Zug, helping clients to unleash their true strength and discover body confidence.