English-speaking Personal Trainer, Geneva, Switzerland

Michelle Cohen

Fitness Trainer

With 10+ years of fitness experience, I’ll help you lose weight, gain muscle, get super-motivated and have fun doing it!

English-speaking Yoga Teacher, Zug, Switzerland

Patricia Waltenspühl

Pilates Instructor

Challenge yourself to go beyond ordinary workouts with Pilates, CoreAlign and Gyrotonic sessions in Baar.

English-speaking Personal Trainer Geneva, Switzerland

Paloma Laplace-Lin

Personal Trainer

Former professional athlete specialising in posturology, back pain, pelvic floor rehabilitation and mindful goal achievement.

English-speaking Spin Instructor, Zürich, Switzerland

Leticia Mora

Spin Instructor

When life gets stuck and you feel mentally or physically overwhelmed, I can coach you towards positive lifestyle changes. 

English-speaking Fitness Coach, Zug, Switzerland

Henlu Van Der Westhuizen

Fitness Trainer

My sessions incorporate dynamic body-weight exercises, weight training, HIIT and aspects of Pilates for a full body workout.

English-speaking Pilates Instructor, Zug, Switzerland

Regula Nold

Pilates Instructor

I love introducing Pilates to people of all ages. I teach individuals on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and on the mat.

English-speaking Personal Trainer, Zug, Switzerland

Marc Sonderegger

Personal Trainer

My personal training program integrates exercise, nutrition and functional medicine to help you achieve your fitness goals.