English-speaking Yoga and Calisthenics Instructor, Lausanne, Switzerland

Elise Buddle

Yoga Teacher

Passionate and professional, I offer Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa and Yin yoga, Calisthenics and personal training in Lausanne.

English-speaking Yoga Teacher, Zug, Switzerland

Una Torbica

Yoga Teacher

I pioneered HotHaus, rooted in classical yoga and adapted for busy lifestyles as a safe, efficient path to health and fitness.

English Speaking Yoga instructor, Zurich, Switzerland

Nadia Nunes

Yoga Teacher

My goal is to help you feel good inside and out! Combining Vinyasa yoga with the power of movement, breath and imagination.

English-speaking Personal Trainer, Zug, Switzerland

Marc Sonderegger

Personal Trainer

My personal training program integrates exercise, nutrition and functional medicine to help you achieve your fitness goals.

English-speaking Personal Trainer, Geneva, Switzerland

Michelle Cohen

Fitness Trainer

With 10+ years of fitness experience, I’ll help you lose weight, gain muscle, get super-motivated and have fun doing it!