English-speaking Personal Trainer, Zürich, Switzerland

Fabian Marcograf

Fitness Trainer

Shoot for the moon! When you bring the commitment and I bring the knowledge, everything is possible.

English-speaking Pilates Instructor, Zug, Switzerland

Christine Hüsler

Pilates Instructor

Increase your energy, strength, flexibility and mental wellbeing with private Pilates or coaching sessions in Zug.

English-speaking Personal Trainer Geneva, Switzerland

Nina Ognjanov

Personal Trainer

Manager of The Sports Hub, trainer, coach and believer in personal and professional growth and insight.

English-speaking Personal Trainer, Geneva, Switzerland

Michelle Cohen

Master Fitness Trainer

With 10+ years of fitness experience, I’ll help you lose weight, gain muscle, get super-motivated and have fun doing it!

English-speaking Yoga Teacher, Zurich, Switzerland

Andrina Tisi

Yoga Teacher

Through yoga, meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique, I’ll guide you towards balance and personal fulfilment.

English-speaking Spin Instructor, Zürich, Switzerland

Leticia Mora

Spin Instructor

When life gets stuck and you feel mentally or physically overwhelmed, I can coach you towards positive lifestyle changes. 

English-speaking Yoga & Meditation Instructor Zurich, Switzerland

Jan Leys

Yoga Teacher

I focus on the asanas and breath in my yoga class, challenging the body and becoming aware of our limits without judgement.