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Health is not a luxury. It’s a necessity.

At FORFITSAKE, we believe that health and physical activity is for everybody. And we believe in a purpose beyond ourselves. We are deeply rooted in our commitment to promote an active lifestyle philosophy that centres on giving back to the community. 

Our Community Heros

We’ve made it our mission to break down barriers to fitness and improve the quality of life in various communities. Every purchase with FORFITSAKE supports grassroots initiatives to provide greater access to health and wellness programs for those without it. 


Within FORFITSAKE’s vibrant community of fitness professionals, The Collective, we seek out trainers and studios who provide physical fitness access to at-risk communities. Working directly with these changemakers and community leaders, we help them to implement, grow and succeed in their passion projects.


Learn more about the initiatives and community heroes we proudly support below.

Join The Community

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