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Zürich's Best Yoga Studios & Teachers

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

If the Himalayan city of Rishikesh is the yoga capital of the world, then Zürich, Switzerland’s financial capital, is its European counterpart. The city’s spectacular Alpine setting on Lake Zürich with two rivers, the Limmat and Sihl, flowing through it lends itself perfectly to an active, healthy and mindful lifestyle -- an essential part of Swiss culture.

Here at FORFITSAKE®, we’ve rounded up Zürich’s best yoga studios and teachers, offering just about every style of yoga and mindfulness practice to suit every need. So you can focus on what’s important to you: Finding a like-minded community that lights you up, helps you to go deeper in your yoga practice and empowers you to live your life to the fullest.

Keep reading for the full list of our favourite Zürich yoga teachers.


Andrina Tisi at Yoga am Zürichberg

The Teacher

Modern life is challenging, and when we’re overwhelmed by change, we can’t blossom and grow. Andriana aims to help you cultivate the tools to navigate these challenges and live your best life.

The Classes

Andriana teaches Hatha, Kundalini and Yin Yoga in English and Swiss German. Her friendly classes and one-to-one sessions are influenced by each of these distinctive styles. Beyond the yoga mat, she’s also a certified integral life consultant, offering life curation and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help you move towards your wider dreams and goals. All you need to succeed is an open mind.

Why We Love Andrina

We love Andrina's take on life! Being spiritual whilst keeping it real, she lives her values which come through in her professional life.

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Olivia Tanja Schoch

The Teacher

Your body is the home of your soul, with which it can experience life through all the senses, communicate with you through body wisdom and express itself. Through her yoga practice and coaching, Olivia aims to help you connect to your body, mind and soul and recognise your strength and true greatness so that you will find your own way naturally.

The Classes

Olivia teaches Yin, Yang and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and takes you on an inward journey where you stop looking with your eyes and begin to perceive with your hearts. As a NeuroEmbodied Soul Centering® coach, she will guide you to find your inner wisdom by going from the mind (thinking) back into the body (feeling) and nourishing the relationship to the soul (intuition).

Why We Love Olivia

We are inspired by Olivia's dedication to living life to the full, following her passions and sharing the journey with her clients through her mentoring and yoga.

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Karl Straub at Sanctuary

The Teacher

Karl’s yoga style is influenced by his training at Jivamukti Yoga and his teachers, David Life and Sharon Gannon as well as other teachers who inspired him to share the way of yoga with precision, depth and humour. Essentially, yoga is about how to be happy, to have faith and to honour and protect all living beings in our shared environment.

The Classes

As a Jivamukti Yoga teacher and a Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner, Karl hosts events for yoga, movement, vegan meals and meditation in his studio, Sanctuary in Zurich. He’s also a frequent presenter in festivals and conferences and offers teacher training, retreats and workshops worldwide.

Why We Love Karl

Karl’s dedication, warmth, knowledge, patience and ability to keep the yoga classes deep in terms of the practice yet the mood light keeps us coming back for more!

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Jan Leys

The Teacher

In his yoga classes, Jan invites you to gently challenge your body, become aware of your barriers--whether they are physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual in nature--and practise non-judgement. When we breathe and practice non-judgement, our barriers and limits become our teachers.

The Classes

Jan’s Hatha Yoga classes are inspired by Jivamukti Yoga and Anusara Yoga. He will guide you to listen to your body and move slowly at your own pace and depth, focusing on the postures and breath. His yoga class is both a place to discover our body, mind and spirit and a place of community.

Why We Love Jan

He inspires us with his gentle nature, experience and holistic approach to yoga encompassing the mind, body, spirit and emotion.


Megan Herdeg

The Teacher

A passionate student of functional anatomy and embodied movement since 2003, Megan’s yoga style honours the wisdom of ancient yoga while incorporating the latest in movement science research. She’s here to help you in your own process of personal growth and transformation.

The Classes

Megan offers private and group yoga classes and other therapeutic modalities such as self-myofascial release and Functional Range Conditioning (joint mobility work). Her classes are smart, fun and challenging, yet deeply nourishing, with a focus on longevity in practice.

Why We Love Megan

We can’t get enough of her easy-going manner and sunny nature! Her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and usage of yoga for physical wellbeing and health is simply impressive.

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Tanja Lovene

The Teacher

A native of Finland, Tanja sees yoga as a way of living that goes far beyond physical exercise. She’s passionate about helping people find the joy of smart and safe movements practised in harmony with the breath. As a mother herself, she feels a strong desire to assist other women in their pregnancy and postnatal journeys by offering them a welcoming space to support their wellbeing.

The Classes

Tanja offers alignment-based Hatha Yoga classes to balance and strengthen your body, calm your mind and nervous system and bring joy to your heart. She also teaches pre-and postnatal yoga classes, using breathing, movement, balance and relaxation techniques to help women physically and mentally through their pregnancy, birthing process and motherhood.

Why We Love Tanja

We absolutely love Tanja’s open personality, willingness to make time for everyone and obvious passion for yoga and wellbeing.

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Claire Dalloz at YogaTopia

The Teacher

Claire has been studying and teaching yoga passionately for the past 25 years. As a yoga therapist, her teaching style, influenced by Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga, is clear, focused and dynamic. Her yoga classes help you work towards a body that is resilient, strong and supple, opening the way to a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you for a fulfilled, healthy and happy life.

The Classes

Claire’s yoga classes focus strongly on the correct alignment of the body (taking physical, energetic, mental and emotional aspects into account) using props or position modifications when needed. In addition to teaching her private or small group yoga classes, she also offers massage and hypnotherapy, as well as retreats, immersion days and weekend training for teachers.

Why We Love Claire

We find Claire’s infectious positivity, warmth and kindness so refreshing!

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