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Best Gyms & Fitness Studios in Geneva, Switzerland

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Fitness is a dish best served with friends. Our goal at FORFITSAKE® is to connect you with other fit fans and trainers in Geneva who share your passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting (literally) for you to bring you a curated list of our favourite independent gyms and fitness studios in Geneva. So go ahead, get into the workout groove, have an epic sweat session and find your fitness buddies! Be yourself at your best and feel right at home in Geneva.


Shape Shack

We are here to motivate and inspire our sports community through hard work, fun and friendship!

Shape Shack is a welcoming sports community offering personal training and a huge variety of group classes in a warm, Swiss chalet-style space in Eaux-Vives. The founders are passionate about fitness and well-being and this shines through not only in their dynamic classes but in the whole vibe of the fully-equipped studio. Their ethos is about community, moving more and getting out. Besides the indoor training sessions, they also organise outdoor activities such as the Shape Shack trail and hiking events. Their spacious, newly renovated studio is a lovely space with a cosy family feel.


The Sports Hub

Teaching Confidence Since 1996.

Strategically situated within Alive, a vegan café in Eaux-Vives, Geneva, The Sports Hub is a boutique training studio that brings together some of the best sports coaches and personal trainers in the city. From callisthenics, weight-training and TRX to HIIT boxing, yoga and martial arts, the studio offers group courses, private training and nutritional programmes in a modern, clean and exquisitely maintained environment. Rest assured that you’re training with top specialists within their own practices to help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals.


Finding a gym is easy.

Finding the right fitness professional to reach your goals is hard.


My Brilliant Place

The art of combining fitness and entertainment.

An inner-city breath of fresh air, My Brilliant Place is home to friendly instructors and multilingual classes across many fitness genres. This fitness studio is located by the Cornavin railway station in Geneva. The studio owner, Paloma, runs Pilates, boxing, self-defence and Bootcamp classes and breathing workshops, whilst the rest of the team adds to the varied timetable with yoga, meditation and nutritional programmes. Classes are offered in French, English and Spanish. There are even fun fitness classes for kids! The studio space itself has a bright and airy feel, thanks to the high ceilings and big windows. A brilliant place, indeed!


YES Bootcamp

Say YES to getting in shape!

YES Bootcamp offers a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise where the intensity levels are adjusted to challenge you and safely improve your fitness level. Situated in Eaux-Vives, the workouts are held both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor Bootcamp is an intense mix of circuit and interval training with a constant mix of exercises such as body weight, running and weight lifting. In addition to their signature HITT classes, you can also practice yoga or make an appointment with their dietician for nutrition advice. The cheerful instructors speak English and French and will happily tailor each class to ensure that everyone understands. Just say “yes” and have some (gruelling) fun!



An urban space dedicated to women entrepreneurship.

Herstreet is a zen urban space encompassing a fitness studio, an organic take-away café, a co-working corner, a vintage retail shop and a Montessori-inspired kids' play area. The studio has a converted warehouse feel to it with its high ceilings; airy, rustic and yet modern. Dedicated to women entrepreneurs, many trainers use the workout space to offer various fitness classes in English and French, including cross-training, boxing, pre and post-natal, yoga, meditation and even classes for kids. It’s a cool lifestyle space with an honourable mission!


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